Slow Helm

Some times we have such problem like: “ohh God my f** Helm goes crazy, it takes 2-5 mins to load page, bull shit, bad product”

So first of all I wanna say - Helm is good product, and you should check your server because it is the main problem :).

Ok lets talk about reasons of the problem:

1. your IIS very loaded.

how to check: run task manager > processes sort by mem and check how much memory w2wp.exe use.

fix: try to restart IIS (run > cmd > iisreset) and try to load Helm CP. If at the begining Helm loads fast and then again become slow, so congratulation you found the reason

2. MSSQL server use more than 1.5 Gb of mem.

how to check: same as in 1.

fix: restart MSSQL server and then steps as in 1. but I want to say that this fix usually temporary because MSSQL begins to “eat” mem very soon :(

3. you have 1 Gb memory installed

how to check: if you have more than 50 web sites running at your server, so you should have at least 2 Gb of mem installed at your server.

fix: add memory

4. You have more than 1000 web sites.

how to check: if its your server then you know how many sites running at your server

fix: there is no fix( in windows

recommendation: install Linux with apache and migrate sites with “Me and my dog” to Linux

5. Virus

How to check: run from liveCD any antivirus

Fix: clean the viruses

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