Container is already locked

Sometime when automated OR Manual Virtuozzo backup process gets stuck OR sometime a VPS stuck while starting up OR stopping during this stage its impossible to make any changes on that VPS. You can stop the VPS or kill the process which is running. Making any updates or trying to restart the VPS shows message “Container CTID is already locked”.


In case of Linux this error can be fixed by deleting the lock file located at /vz/lock/CTID.lck but in Windows there is no such file.

Following are the steps to unlock the locked Container

1) vzctl stop CTID –-skiplock (try this command twice till it doesn’t show that the container is not running)
This command might throw some ERROR but no need to worry.

2) vzctl start CTID –-skiplock
This Command will throw an error if the VPS is stuck while starting or stopping.

3) After the both the above command the status of the VPS will be locked, so you will have to allow sometime to unlock the stuck processes.

4) If the above command doesn’t start the VPS, stop the VPS using –skiplock option again and kill “vzlpl” process from the Task Manager. After that you will able to start the VPS normally.

5) and restart VZAgent service

net stop vzaop

net start vzaop


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